Rome was the first city I really traveled to as a tourist. I didn’t know what to expect. All I knew is that, for some reason, I knew it was going to be amazing. I never really thought the craziness of this city would make me fall in love at first sight. I admit it may had something to do with all the food I wanted to taste.



Some say Rome is too touristic and that wherever you turn, you will see the streets packed with selfie sticks and guys trying to sell you things every step you take. For me, it was a beautiful mix of locals and tourists, in an insane mess that honestly makes me go back to Rome every time I have the chance to travel. And if there’s one thing I love about Italy is the amazing and delicious food that is just around every corner. Trust me when I say this: Italy is no place for diets. Italy is all about embracing food like the best thing there is, and eat until you are rolling down the streets. For me it always feels like food in Italy brings me happiness. There’s no guilt, there’s no second thoughts. Just go for it! It was only when I arrived in Rome that I finally got to witness the addictive Italian culture. And when I say culture, I actually mean food! There’s food everywhere you turn, from pizza to gelato, you take a pick. It feels like food Heaven, as well as pretty much every single place in Italy, and no matter how much you try, you just can’t stop!


Italy is my favorite country in Europe, and every time I plan a trip to a few countries at once, I always need to start or finish there. There’s something way too special about this country, and honestly, I feel right at home. As soon as I get into the Italian vibe, I love the crazy traffic, the cars not stopping, the guys trying to sell me souvenirs, the majestic buildings and all the monuments. And the food? I can’t stay away! While I’m in Italy I eat pizza all day long, even if it’s 10 am! It happened more than once that I stood outside the door of a pizzeria, waiting for it to open so I could have a slice. Breakfast in Italy? Pizza! Lunch? Pizza? Mid-day snack? Gelato! Dinner? Probably more pizza! Whenever I talked to my mum and she asked me what I ate that day, my answer was always ‘pizza’ and ‘gelato’. Sorry mum!


All my life I’ve been a little of a freak when it comes to ice cream. Everyone loves them, right? Well, until two years ago I was close to being a hater. Even during the summer, I would just ask for a soda while everyone was going nuts about ice cream to freshen-up. Then, I went back to Rome for the third time. They say third time’s the charm, right? I was with family this time, and my cousin wanted to go to a place that had the best gelato in the city, Giolitti. He new I didn’t want to go, but he wanted to prove me wrong. We went to Giolitti. I looked at people walking out of that place with smiles on their faces. I was not excited to try. Eventually my cousin sold me the idea and I was on board to give it a try. It’s not that I hated ice cream before, I just never really had that feeling of needing one. I had my pretty strawberry and vanilla gelato in hand. I got the first taste and my eyes opened in surprise. – Oh my God, this is absolutely delicious! Why didn’t I have this before?? – I kept asking myself that over and over again. I had been trying to stay away from what is possibly one of the best things in life. Yes, I went from not wanting a gelato to believing having one will make your life so much better.


From this day on, while I was traveling in Italy I always went on a hunt for the best gelato in each city. So if you are in Rome, Giolitti is the place to go. If you happen to be in Florence, you need to go to ‘La Carraia’ for fresh flavours, and if you are looking for chocolate gelato, go to Grom. Finally, if you are wandering lost in Venice, make a stop at Suso for the best gelato I had in Italy! For some reason I feel that if you find the best gelato in each place, you are doing it right. So what are you waiting to buy your ticket and take a trip to Italy? Just the idea of having a few days to splurge on more gelato makes me want to buy a ticket and hop on a flight right now. Why are you still here? Andiamo!

Guest Post By Rita Santos

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