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I have been traveling since I was 4 years old. I have seen the Great Pyramids of Egypt, been all over Europe and North America, even Alaska. I have been to Italy a dozen times or more. Yet, meeting Arianna Cini and Alessio De Genova in Tuscany was definitely one of my top 10 travel experiences.

What do you look for when you travel? Most people want a unique experience where they can feel and enjoy the real life of the location they are in. It is very difficult to find those one of a kind adventures. You can find it with Arianna and Alessio.

Last June I only had 24 hours to visit these two young, Slow Food Movement members. I could have spent a week with them. They are Km Zero Tours and they invite you to share their lives during your interactions.

Arianna is a Tuscan who lived in the Chianti Classico Region all of her life.  She is a wonderful travel guide and offers her stone family holiday home to people like us for rent and for personal interaction (Casa Montrogoli, ) Alessio is a charming Abruzzese man, a sommelier and great chef. He actually cooks for guests in their home!

Km Zero Tours’ belief system is simple: go with the flow of the land you are in. Slow down and experience the local, artisanal craftsmen and share the life they live.  Keep it real, sustainable, and as close to the nature of Chianti as possible. Doesn’t that sound perfect?

They found me the B&B Art of San Casciano in Val Di Pesa, a lovely town above Florence. We dropped my luggage and headed out on our adventure!

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