Buon Giorno!

Our travel blog gives viewers an insight to a whole new Italian experience.  We are here to share our travel experiences,ideas,travel stories and information about our amazing culinary tours to Italy, led by our very own Chef Franco Cupini.

Last year was another great adventure for us as we traveled through Italy together! We took our palettes on an Italian culinary whirlwind. This year we are looking to return to both Rome and Florence to share this unforgettable journey. The first will begin in July with our final trip ending in October. This is a spectacular experience, where our primary focus is to really dive into the culinary attributes of the regions. Along the way, we will be seeing the ‘can’t miss’ sights, (such as the underground of the Colosseum), as well as getting down into the local flavor of our destinations. Additional unique experiences from truffle hunting to wine making are part of our trip – providing you with exclusive insight into Italia’s culinary pleasures. You will participate in stimulating handson cooking classes with distinguished chefs of the regions, including demo classes in Florence and on the renowned Island of Tibernia in Rome. Throughout the adventure, you won’t have to worry about a thing. Our concierges and I will be there every step of the way. A photographer will be on hand – so as to help document the journey and leave you without having to worry about a camera. All transportation is included with our good friend Luciano taking care of us. There will also be scheduled ‘free’ time for you to explore the area on your own as well. Please take a second and finger through this booklet we’ve put together for you with this year’s itineraries and photos from the past. I hope your taste buds are ready to try some flavors that are going to make your head spin. I look forward to sharing this culinary adventure with you! Ciao!


Chef  Franco Cupini



With Edward Leahy handling photography, each trip brings back an average of about 9,000 pictures.  That’s a lot to go through, but at least you know you don’t have to carry a camera.



2016 Rome & Florence Tour